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Our San Francisco plumbers work in one of the largest and most spread out cities in the whole country.  The city of San Francisco itself is designed in a very interesting way, as the region is exceptionally hilly. Most homes are townhouses or apartment buildings, crammed in quite close together. Thus, plumbers in San Francisco have to deal with plenty of piping problems due to overuse and overcrowding.

San Francisco Plumbing Problems

The San Francisco plumbing systems in most regions of the city are modern and efficient. The city itself has some of the highest rents and taxes, primarily due to its close proximity to Silicon Valley and the cash-cow wineries of California. Of course, this means that in the lower-rent sections of the city, the pipes are usually much older and poorly designed. San Francisco plumbers are called most often to take care of snaking out clogs and repairing other normal plumbing problems.

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While overcrowding and old San Francisco plumbing systems are some reasons for plumbing problems in the city, another reason so many incidents occur is the unpredictable and sudden weather changes that seem to happen overnight. San Francisco’s Northern bay-area location brings in a large amount of rain and fog.   The abrupt weather changes from cold to hot and back to cold again can make life very difficult for the average San Francisco plumber. Pipes expand and contract based on the weather.  Another problem with all of the rain that comes unexpectedly is the refuse that gets washed down piping systems, including large pieces of trash and paper. Thus, plumbers in San Francisco are not only good, but completely necessary to keep on speed-dial.

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